Grateful for 2014

I turned 20 two days ago.

The feeling of turning 20 is very new and different for me although i had like majority of the year to process that fact. I felt like turning 20 marks a new phrase of my life as i entered adulthood. I feel uncertain and a bit fearful because now i have to really become independent. I no longer have much luxury over shrinking responsibilities and being immature or whatsoever. It is not that i was irresponsible ( obviously not) but i just felt that i don’t have that space anymore.

Being an adult simply means you have to be accountable for yourself totally from taking care of yourself, to being responsible for whatever roles you have and to fully bear the consequences for all the decisions you make.

Or maybe i just think too much and place too much expectations on myself.

But i know that i am not alone for i know God is with me to face all the uncertainties that this world brings. I am grateful for having God as my guide because i will definitely be really afraid if i were to go through this alone. Of course i have family and friends to support me too. But when problems become too personal to share and i could only keep it to myself, i can tell God freely for He knows what exactly i am going through.

I am grateful to God for this year. 2014 has been a really fruitful and exciting year for me.

I graduated as a business student from poly to working in IBM as a temp admin to entering university as a psychology undergrad.

In church, i took up more responsibilities as a leader.

I make new friends and strengthen the bond with old friends.

I have make more significant steps of moving on from the past through forgiving and focusing on the present.

I am finally pursuing my dream of wanting to help people by being in psychology.

Most importantly, i noticed more of God’s interventions in various aspects of my life. I am reassured through all those moments that He loves and cares for me. My faith in God strengthened even more in times of difficulties.

I learn the art of finding something good in every day. Because of that i have become more contented with what i have, become more firm on my values and become more cheerful.

This year has taught me on becoming more aware of the fact that i am actually loved if i could open my eyes bigger and stop dwelling on the past. That i am loved by my family, friends and God.

For this, i am deeply grateful for 2014.


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