God is amazing in even the tiniest things

So often i start blogging without a title because i always let myself just reveal whatever thoughts that i have been thinking about lately. No particular aim in mind.

So far pursuing psychology has been wonderful for me. Assignments and examinations has always been a chore for me but i refuse to let it ruin my interest in psychology for after all these are what makes up a student’s life. I have been learning about the various functions of the body, particularly on the brain and i am amazed. How different parts work together to produce a function in milliseconds without the human even noticing it. How every part of the body is intricately and carefully made, it is like there is a author behind this handiwork. Indeed God is amazing. Learning about all this makes me appreciate God and my body even more. From the surface, we humans seems like just normal beings but the things under the surface are the ones that are really beautiful and important. So often we always look just on the surface and base our value on physical appearance but it is really a shallow way of determining it. The fact that we can think for ourselves and have our own perceptions of things is already amazing because no other creatures have that at all.

One of the best ways for me to relieve stress is to just simply look at the sky. Everyday on my way from home to school and back, i will always tend to look up at the sky to appreciate the clouds and how blue the sky is. Looking up helps to free my mind because the sky have no boundaries and i really thank God for that. In this physical world, there are so many things marked with boundaries from physical stuff to school work and sometimes i can feel suffocated from all these boundaries. The sky is made by the hands of God and there are no limitations to it.

Lately i have been cooped up with work and not been really talking to God.  But God is still taking care of me and watching over me every single day from small things like helping to lighten the rain from heavy to a drizzle so that i can go home to ensuring i finish my home delivery mac dinner (which i am not supposed to) right on time before my dad comes back home to helping me with my school assignments. I see God in all of these things and i am just immensely grateful.

Indeed with God, everything makes sense. God is amazing.


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