Keeping the faith

This is the first time knowing that one of my family members have cancer.

My first experience. To be honest i do not know what to feel because i am not close to that person also.

But i have been praying and will continue to pray because i know that God hears prayers and that everything will be done according to His Will.

My faith in God has not weakened at all, in fact it has grown even stronger. Based on my walk with Him all this while, i personally know that He is a faithful, loving and compassionate God. He has always reassured me with His Word and promises whenever i felt like giving up. Most importantly His plans are always for my good and not to harm me.

So i am going to stick even closer to Him in this situation where the only thing i can do is to pray.

Yes God, i believe in You. May You show your loving nature to that person and bring strength and encouragement to all of us.


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