Intimacy with God

I remembered there was once in church during a service in 2009, a Guest Pastor in the middle of the service suddenly pinpointed me out among the audience and told me that God was happy with me praying for others and that i have a sweet soul. It was supposed to be a evangelism service but it ended up as a service full of prophecies whereby the guest pastor will just point out people randomly in the service and tell them God’s message for them. I felt so weird at that time and i am half believing what the guest pastor said.

Even if its not true, it kind of encouraged me to continue to go on doing it because God hears prayers. At that time i was barely 15, i still am quite simple in my thinking and do not know much.

As i was having time alone with God just now, i suddenly thought about that and i realized that simplicity is good.

What do i mean?

When we are young, we do not know so much about the complexities of life. We only know if this certain thing is good or bad and we make our decisions based on it. Our faith in God is completely childlike, we just simply believe and we are curious about Him even though we do not see Him.

But as we start growing up, we go through hard times and we start to question everything. Solutions to problems are no longer straightforward to us. Faith in God starts to waver because we start having complicated thoughts. It is inevitable that we have to go through this phrase because life is not fair all the time.

But i realized that throughout everything, God never change, i was the one who change. God is still the same God that i believe in before all those trials of life hit. It is my perspective of problems that change how i viewed God. God is a God who cares and who never fails. Even in those trying trials when i felt like just giving up altogether, God make Himself to be more obvious to me so that i can lean to Him for help.

Trials comes as a blessing in disguise for me when I see and learn something new about God in my circumstances.

I want to have the similar type of childlike faith which i used to have when i was younger. Being able to look at God with awe and wonder, with anticipation and curiosity and knowing that God is with me no matter what. That is when i will experience that peace that transcends all understanding and unconditional love from a loving God.

Having intimacy with God is essentially having childlike faith in Him and walking humbly with Him. That is all i need.


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