I have always believe in the precious value of having a simple life. Especially so in a society where flow of movement of information, people and goods are moving at a unpredictable rapid pace. If i were to measure and try to keep myself up to society’s standards, i would never be happy and satisfied.

Society often pressures people to conform to its standards, you can see it everywhere literally. From the way people dress to the way people talk, conformity is everywhere. People define happiness based on what society standards are because they grew up in that environment. Time will show eventually whether people are really happy or just putting on a mask so as to get accepted.

I believe that everyone have the right to their own happiness and it is their own responsibility to find out what truly makes them happy and actively pursue it.

I find happiness from spending time with God, reading books, listening to music and having meaningful conversations with people. These are a few major things that makes me really happy. With that knowledge, it helps to simplify my life in many ways as i can make and reject plans accordingly. After all time is priceless and you can never replace time.

Just yesterday i borrowed a book entitled Simplify by Bill Hybels. I have been noticing it on one of the top bestsellers list in Popular bookstore but i wasn’t so keen because it is basically on how to simplify a busy life and make life count. I feel that my life have not reached that stage yet. But I borrowed it out of curiosity. .

Just read finish 2 chapters and i realized that it is applicable to me too. The book emphasizes the importance of having the right priorities, especially so in terms of prioritizing stuff that gives us energy. It is so easy to burn out when the day is filled with activities that take the life out of you instead of giving life to you. It really speaks a lot to me because i often get burn out easily or just not energetic enough to go about my daily life.

There is nothing wrong with indulging in activities that gives me life. Sometimes i feel guilty for rejecting to do something for somebody else because i want to indulge in my activity. I realized it is a misconception because i can’t give something that i don’t have (energy). We can bring more benefits to ourselves and the people around us when we are fully charged up.

So it re-affirms my belief in having a simple life, a life that brings me life from doing the activities that i enjoy and blessing the people around me with the energy i gained from it.


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