Restless Day

I thank God that i have no class on Mondays.

Today was a restless day for me. I woke up determined to do some of my school work in which i did some but not all because i am not sure how to do the rest. I was kind of agitated at my slow pace because i knew that December will be a insane month of assignments and tests. So i am trying my best to prepare ahead so that i can be ready for December.

In the end i spent my day reading books, listening to music and watching videos. But i was not really happy with the fact that i am doing these things when i could have spent my time on something more productive.  This anxious feeling that i had and its affecting me physically.

All in all i did not turn to God when He is the one who could give me peace and assurance. This bad habit of mine trying to control everything even things beyond my control happens again. I am just suffering in vain because i can turn to God and God can help me.

I need to learn how to let go and let God take control. It is a intentional effort daily to commit everything into His loving Hands.


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