According to the Webster dictionary, the meaning of detour is the act of going or traveling to a place along a way that is different from the usual or planned way. Detours are unplanned and usually make people feel uncomfortable first. Detours causes people to change plans, to rethink and recalculate how to find a new way to the destination. Uncertainty either causes people to feel scared and stop or pushes people to challenge themselves beyond their comfort zone.

God has given me a detour on my career choices and up till now i still do not know exactly what i am going to do in the future. I mentioned that i want to be a counselor but this decision is not fixed. But i know that i do not have to worry much for my life is in God’s hands.

Back in 2010, i had plans to go to study business and social enterprise in Ngee Ann Poly. This was made after i felt God put these two words, ‘social enterprise’ into my heart. I was doing pretty well in secondary school and i thought that i could make it in. But my O’level results came out bad, and i questioned God on why did it turn out that way. After all if God wanted me to go work in that area, He should have helped me get in at least.

Eventually i got over it and went to study business in Nanyang Poly.I did not hate business, in fact i felt that it had prepared me for the working world. I am thankful to God for it. Nevertheless i knew that working fully in the business world is not my thing for i want to work with people, talk to them and help them. My joy comes from that.

I was thinking of studying social work after poly. But the only type of degree available is part time and that means i will have to work in the day and study at night. That was too tiring for me so i opted to study psychology instead. From wanting to be a social worker to wanting now to be a counselor, i get confused at times. My plan for now at least is to graduate with this undergrad degree, work for a few years and then pursue a Masters of Counselling to be a counselor.

But still i felt that my plans are vague and could change anytime. In the past and even now sometimes, i pray that God will tell me exactly what He wants me to do.

I don’t exactly remember how i got this insight which is sometimes God does not reveal everything to us because we are not fully prepared yet and telling us may make us afraid and not being able to fulfill the calling instead.

God gave us detours for a reason, which is to let us acquire fundamental skills and values which are valuable and beneficial to us for life through difficult times. If He had let us go on smoothly, we might not be prepared enough to face whatever challenges our future may bring. So there is a no need to compare my path with that of my peers, for everybody’s path is unique and different. Whether they have gotten ahead of me does not make much difference to me because my life purpose is determined by God. My responsibility is to stay close to Him

So now i am still on a detour, not exactly sure what i will be working as in the future. But i know that everything works out for good for which God has call us to. I thank God for this detour, for i cannot imagine what i will be like without it.


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