For the past month i have been struggling with the sense of inferiority as a leader. I felt that i do not have the capability to lead at all. I am fearful when i think about the future. Even though i know that God is with me in this but this feeling still crept up.

I thank God for the opportunity to attend the Global Leadership Summit which was held yesterday and today. The opportunity to learn from great leaders from all over the world from church leaders to business leaders. They shared on the problems and struggles they faced as leaders and how they overcome them with God’s grace. That is when i learnt that i am not alone in feeling the way i felt.

Most importantly i learnt that God’s grace is sufficient enough for me to accomplish whatever He has set out for me to do.

Practical tips were also shared on how to manage people and how to unlock their potential. The highest calling of leadership is to unlock human potential. I totally agree with that for i personally believe that everybody has potential within them and with the right resources and time, everybody can truly rise up to their fullest potential. Deep down personally i want to see people dream dreams and achieve it, i want to see people living their lives enthusiastically. That is one of the main reasons why i want to be a counselor or to work in a field that helps people.

As much as i am passionate to make it happen, i know that i cannot do it on my own. I cannot do it on my own because i am not perfect and limited in human ability. But i know that when i depend on God, i can do it because He is a mighty God with endless resources.

I can’t but i can. For when i am weak, than i am strong.

Thank you God.


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