Thoughts about Leaders’ Retreat

The 2 days 1 night Leaders’ Retreat has been really wonderful and fruitful for everybody.

It is not exactly a retreat, it is more like a camp instead.

It is my first time going, i have no idea what to expect.

Throughout the retreat, there were many discussions and talks about the future of the church. I feel uplifted as i witness the unity and desire to do God’s purpose being shared by all the leaders. I believe that God’s hand was upon the leaders and i have faith that the Church can truly live out her purpose with this kind of unity. As leaders get together sincerely and do their best for God, the members will be more encouraged to do so too.

I am a new leader and there are still so many things that i need to learn. What i am glad is that i have people to turn to for help. This is what a church should be about. A community that includes everybody, helps each other and love God with all of their heart, mind and body.

After the retreat, i become more uplifted in spirit and i want to make an intentional effort to make God the first priority in my life.

Intentional effort, yes i must be intentional if i want to be close to God.


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