Holidays, not exactly a month of rest

I have been looking forward to October ever since i started university in June.

The month of holidays are finally here. I am happy and contented now. But i didn’t expect that this month will be a really busy month.

Usually meeting friends that i have not seen in a while will be a top priority for me because i treasure the friendships i had with them. Those friendships are usually on one to one conversations which i do best at. So this is one activity that i will be doing this month on weekdays.

I also have church activities to go to. My role as a leader has required me to attend a two days leaders retreat this weekend, global leadership summit in end Oct and to plan on what to say during the annual team meeting in mid Oct.

I definitely have to go for cell group meetings too which happens on the 2nd and 4th week of every month. And then i just happened to sign up for a church class because they needed a projectionist and i was a bit interested in the course which will take up 4 Sunday afternoons starting from 12 Oct.

So i do not have much time to just be doing nothing at home or rather have more time alone.

I do not regret at all definitely because these activities are important to me. Strengthening relationships with people and improving myself.

I just hope that i will be mentally and emotionally refreshed by the time the second semester of university begins.

Still worrying over my critical thinking skills for essays. Not sure how to exactly improve on that.

One step at a time.


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