This week i had been spending my time at home mostly to study for my remaining two examinations next week.

I read and re-read the slides till i am sick of it. Hopefully all the info went in.

I was feeling down too due to overthinking. Like i got lots of free time at home so i ended up overthinking -.-‘

I thought about how i am lacking in so many areas of my life. From being a student to a daughter to a leader to being a woman. You can imagine how my thoughts went out of control. I feel suffocated when i think of them all at once. I did not turn to God at all because i was stubborn in my own self pity. Of course i feel emotionally and mentally tired when i am trying to carry this all on my own.

But now i have enough of it. Enough of thinking how lacking i am. I have enough for being so foolish. I have reached a point where i feel that if i think of that any longer, i must be an idiot. So what if i lack in this and that? I will not waste my time thinking of that because i can use my time to do something better to improve myself. I should stop being upset at myself and upsetting God with my thoughts too. I will not let my life go to waste.

I want to be a person who brings strength and optimism to the people i encounter and be used by God for His purpose in my life.


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