Today was officially the last day of lessons for the first semester in university. I will be having my final exams during mid-sept and then i can really have a holiday break.

I learnt many things in university, especially on time management. This is the first time that i am studying on a trimester basis and so i am not used to the hectic schedules where the deadline for many assignments are really close to each other. It is even worse when all these assignments are mostly 1500 words essays but it is expected since i am studying Psychology. 

I have been trying to find the right balance between school work, rest and spending time with my friends. It is important for me to find the right balance because i do not want to spend most of my time stressing over school work and falling sick. After all school problems are actually minor as compared to other kinds of problems. What matters to me are my relationships with people and God. I have not been talking much to God except during Sundays or when i need Him and i feel bad for that. Spending time with God gives me spiritual nourishment and help to sustain my energy and morale even if i am mentally and physically tired. 

My grades so far have been quite okay. I passed all my assignments with Credits and i know that i still have to improve on it. Especially on the area of critical thinking because i do not elaborate enough and am too general with essays. The grading system in university is different. Its range are high distinction, distinction, credit, pass and fail. I do aim to get distinctions for my essays. 

Nevertheless i thank God for a great first semester for the good friends i made there and that i pass all my assignments. 


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