Approaching the end of first semester in University

August so far has been a really busy month for me.

Busy with school assignments. Busy with catching up with my cousins from Germany who came here to stay for a month. Busy with catching up with some friends. Just simply being busy.

Thank God that i have just about 3 more assignments to go before the final exams and then i can finally enjoy my 3 weeks semester break. 

 I always have this bad tendency to be super reliant on myself when i am accomplishing difficult tasks and not entrusting my worries to God. I am more obsessed with trying to solve the problems on my own entirely. And i did just that for my school assignments. Therefore i always end up really tired and frustrated and even fell sick. 

I gotten a fever on Tuesday night and thank God that i was well by Wednesday morning. My sister calls this fever weird because when my temperature was at 38.9 degrees, i still feel quite fine in my head and the fact that i recover within a few hours. I believe it is God’s grace that He help me to recover so quickly. I think that it is a reminder to me once again i cannot do everything by myself, after all i am imperfect too. Right now i am having a sore throat. Could not talk much in school to my friends and i feel annoyed but i am doing my best to quickly recover from it. 

By end of next month, my first semester would have ended. So far so good i would say although i really dislike all the pressing tight deadlines. But it is still doable as long as i do not procrastinate. I would need to find a balance between work and rest. The friends that i have made with so far are all really nice people and i like the fact that i can be authentic without being judged. Everybody is mature enough to accept that everybody is different in personalities. 

I enjoyed my course so far. The ideas and concepts taught really helped me to gain a bigger perspective on the world and the people around me. I never regretted taking psychology no matter how hard things may get. I am still on the way to discovering my future career paths because future is really unpredictable. So one step at a time. 



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