To be the person whom God created me to be

To love and be loved. To have and to hold. To give just to bless. To live and not fear. To laugh and be free. To always hope and not despair. To live as a light in dark places. To give generously and not seek selfish gain.

To know when to speak and when to be silent. To be kind and to forgive when other’s aren’t. To believe and trust God’s Word. To have courage to face my doubts with faith. To nurture and to grow. To care and be cared for. To be brave enough to seek reconciliation and peace.

To be discipled and disciple others. To become more like Christ and die to self. To not be fake, flippant, or ‘Christianese’, but authentic, genuine, and honest. To be the face of Jesus to those who don’t know it and make His name famous. To look to other’s interests more than my own. To be humble and live a life of conviction and repentance. To give grace and not judge by committing to listen, understand, and learn from others.

To serve the Lord alone and not live for the approval or acceptance of others. To accept grace for myself and stop holding myself to a self-imposed standard of perfectionism in what I do. To accept that mess is a part of being in the process. To remember God delights in me just as I am. To resist my drive to always want to please others. To put sin to death and live by the Spirit. To abide in God’s love and presence daily. To be resilient and not give up. To be disciplined and persistent. To be patient and long-suffering.

To not live in the shadows of the past but the light of today. To have open hands and a grateful heart. To have a tongue that is not bitter but sweet. To seek peace and wisdom. To fear the Lord. To keep a tender heart that is wholly surrendered to my Lord. To live and speak the truth and break down lies. To never lose sight of the cross and power of the resurrection. To share the good news and be a living testimony of it. To worship and praise even when I don’t ‘feel’ like it, because God is worthy. To live as a citizen of heaven. To obey and not complain. To work with my hands. To choose joy. To be beautiful in the eyes of my Maker and satisfied in how He sees me. To havr arms that are open and embrace people who need to be loved by touch. To rejoice and be glad; to always be thankful. To have a pure heart and mind. To live a holy life in fear of the Lord. To honor God in all my relationships. To live a life of prayer and devotion to interceeding for others.

To know my identity in Christ. To speak words of life, encouragement, and truth into others. To be attentive and obedient to the Holy Spirit. To live with abandon to loving God with everything I am and everything I do. To hold nothing back. To choose Him above all else. To love God with everything within me and overflow His love to everyone I come in contact with. To live for the glory of God and the Kingdom that is eternal. To be the person God created me to be.


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