Living by Faith

I want to make living by faith as a lifestyle. 

Living by faith, trusting in God in all circumstances and see His goodness comes through in every situation. 

I have always put my trust in God during challenging circumstances but i want to bring up my faith to a whole new level. A level where i can still trust in Him even though i am powerless to solve the challenging situation. And to be able to testify of His faithfulness and grace that abounds in it.

I was challenged by today’s sermon. The guest pastor preached about God’s silence. There are times in our christian walk when we experienced a dry period where we feel like God is not with us. Our prayers seem to just hit the ceiling and bounce back to us and we feel so tired. But God is actually still with us, He give us this dry period to strengthen our faith and walk with Him.

Three main reasons for God’s silence:

1. To cure our self-deception: There are times when we just become so self sufficient because everything in our lives are going really smoothly and we somehow forget about God. When problems arises, we tend to look to our own resources first to solve the problem instead of focusing on God. And only when we have no other choice that we turn to God and realize that He is the almighty God. God wants us to come to Him not only when we need help but in every circumstance because He loves us and care about us.

2. To challenge our Faith in God’s word: God’s word is the foundation for our faith in God. All of His promises are inside there. We have to see beyond our physical limitations and trust in His word.

3. To cement our relationship with God: As we trust in Him completely with humility and obedience, the relationship becomes stronger because our hearts are changed. We are not bothered by our circumstances as we trust in God to bring the best out of it. And He is a God who never fails. He will deliver on His word for us and we are able to see His goodness. 

I felt really inspired and uplifted by this sermon. I am much more assured of the fact that God will always be with me. I have no need to fear as i have entrust my everything into His loving hands. And i will follow God, just like a little child, trusting and obeying His guidance for my life. I don’t need to worry what will happen in the future but i will just trust in God day by day for i know He is in control. 


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