God is in control no matter what

These past 2 weeks, 3 civilian planes have crashed and hundreds of lives are gone just like that. 

Nobody will ever imagine these tragedies to even occur and the whole world are shocked. 

There is also an ongoing war between Israel and Gaza and many innocent civilians are killed everyday. Although i do not understand why the war actually started but taking of lives is an absolute no. 

Looking at all these events, all i could is to pray for peace and protection for the world. The world is getting more and more chaotic. People are panicking because who knows what might happen tomorrow? 

All these events only teaches me to treasure my loved ones even more. Every single moment counts.

Do not get too discouraged because God is still in control. The world may be chaotic but God is not panicking. He knows and watches everything. We may never fully understand why all these things happen but God still has a plan and purpose for it. 

Do not get swept up by the chaos but trust in God even more. This is God’s main desire for us. 

May you have the peace of heart that comes not from this world, but from God and nobody can snatch it away.


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