Virtual identity vs Real identity offline

This thought came about in relation to the formal blogging i have to do by tomorrow. 

On a side note: Formal blogging is really tedious in a way that i have to find statements from readings to support my points and i have to find a related article, image and reference all of them. I got so frustrated partly because i have not much idea on what i am exactly supposed to type about as the lecture slides are not up yet and i don’t really understand the readings. So i kind of rant on my formal blogging instead. This blog post will be quite a negative one unfortunately.

Anyway back to the main topic of virtual identity versus real identity. 

I doubt that we can fully accurately portray our true selves online. In fact because our virtual identities are first created by ourselves so whatever information we put up onto this virtual platform is subjective and not objective. That is why it is not good to judge a person based on his/her virtual identity. Virtual identity can be manipulated and changed accordingly to how the individual wants to portray himself as which may not be true at all in real life. 

The best way to truly know a person is to have a conversation face to face and not behind screens. Personally i don’t like the idea of making friends online through social apps because i want to make authentic and sincere friendships. I find it hard to trust a person whom i had never met before. 

I believe that virtual identities are various forms of a person instead of it as a collective whole because people will always want to be something different on a new platform. The different virtual identities of an individual may reflect the aspirations of him/her that is unable to be done in real life and so he/she turn to developing virtual identities. To view it from another perspective, it is that the person get to develop different sides to himself/herself that he/she may not have thought about before on a virtual platform. 

Depending on how one views it, there are pros and cons to having a virtual identity which are different from real life identity. The cons is that people turn to it as a place to run to to avoid a problem faced in real life. Worst still if the person develop a violent virtual identity and acted upon it in real life. Eg: A virtual gun game may be the trigger to a person taking a real gun and shooting down the bullies in school as a form of justice.

For me, i feel that i have different virtual identities on different platforms and all of these are just various forms of me. Nobody can truly know me as a person based on one virtual platform alone. Like this blog is just a collection of feelings and thoughts i faced in different situations but i do not exactly go about mentioning how my day went each day. Unless you know me well enough, you won’t be able to accurately know who i am because this blog is a mixture of emotions and not on my character. 

Therefore having a virtual identity brings about responsibility and empowerment. You are empowered to decide on what information you want to show and how you want to portray it and you have to be responsible and aware on the impact you make on the virtual network. 



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