Feeling like an adult

I am turning 20 this year. But age does not define maturity or independence. 

In my thoughts, i feel like i am older than my peers in terms of thinking because i think too much. In my actions, i am just like the rest of my peers but i don’t go after trends. In fact i much rather prefer to stay at home and just chill by reading a book or watching videos. In that way i am actually kind of out of sync in terms of knowing about worldly trends. I used to find that as a concern but now i don’t care. I know who i am and i am comfortable with myself. I guess being an adult requires you to have some knowledge on what your identity is. That you will not be tossed and turned by the expectations of the world around you but that your own character will make its own mark. 

Entering university requires me to be more proactive and independent as compared to poly. Currently i am starting to get used to the pace of university life and i am thinking of ways to manage my time  more effectively so that i won’t be stressing myself too much. I also have to be more detail oriented when it comes to doing essays because elaboration is important so i cannot be so lazy anymore.

Being an adult requires responsibility for one’s own actions. I am already doing that but i have to reach a higher level of maturity and perspective. I am still inexperienced in many areas as i am still a student after all.

I am already doing the laundry on my own. But to me, true independence is when i am able to reach a level where i can live on my own and manages my life well. So i still have quite a long way to go. 

Feeling like an adult can be tiring because you have to do everything yourself. As much as i am becoming an adult, but i will make sure to stay youthful in my thinking. I will not let life rob me of my dreams and aspirations. With God, anything is possible. 


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