Spiritual attack

What is a spiritual attack? 

It is when the devil attacks us physically and emotionally which causes us to lose our spiritual hunger for God. We just don’t feel like ourselves and just want to stay in bed the whole time and don’t do anything. 

The devil is an evil spirit whose aim is to steal, kill and destroy. The devil hates humans because humans are God’s beloved creation and he is jealous of us. He will just do anything to destroy. I know it is hard for non-believers to understand but we believe that there are evil forces out there that is working hard to eliminate us or to be more specific to lose our faith in God and perish in hell after we die. 

There are many types of spiritual attack targeted at different situations. 

Sometimes not all the bad things that happen in our lives are due to our own folly. Sometimes the bad situations just came out from nowhere. It is like nobody can stop it from happening. I don’t call it unlucky, it is not, it most probably came from the devil. Or even when we know that the bad situation is due to our own folly, but somehow it spiraled into something more worse, the devil is behind that too. 

I am not trying to throw off all my responsibility and blame the devil for what is going wrong in my life but i do recognize that some things no matter how much i try to minimize the impact, it still became worse and it is no longer something within my control. 

I feel that my family is always a hot target for the devil to attack. Family is the foundation for love for almost everybody because everybody is born into a family. Everybody learn the basics of love and all the good values from being in a family first. The sense of belonging, the knowledge of being loved gives the person the intrinsic security and confidence to be himself/herself as he/she grows up and faces new challenges. In fact the source of sense of self worth comes from the family first. The devil attacks easily when conflict occurs and the parties involved start developing bitterness towards each other. When people do not forgive, it gives a leeway for the devil to come in and plant all the bad seeds. That when the next conflict occurs, the person will be reminded of the previous conflict and anger and the relationship will become more worse. 

This is what happen to my family and to me as well. Bitterness is the root of conflict and it just tears everybody apart. I have tried my best to forgive each time but to be frank, i am not sure if i have really forgiven. But i thank God that despite all the challenges my family and i faced, till now we still have not officially separated. Currently we are all in the cooling off phrase, all i can do is to pray for God’s protection for my family.

Just yesterday i experienced a spiritual attack myself while i am in church service. I just suddenly felt so tired emotionally and physically that i could not focus much on the sermon. I was fidgety and wanted to head home quickly to lie on my bed. Terrible feeling. I was reminded of a book i had at home on spiritual attacks and i read it when i reached home.

I then realized that praying to God for help is not enough, i have to stand up and resist the devil myself too. Active faith is required for this and i just proclaimed on the word of God that i will not let the devil defeat me and i will get even stronger because God is my defender. I felt significantly better after that. 

To me, a spiritual attack is not scary because God is with me. I feel His presence and peace and just as He is working things out on my behalf, i have to play a part by focusing on Him and reading His Word to strengthen my inner self. 


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