The situation have not improved yet at all. Right now it seems frozen with all of us trying to live life per normal because we have to.

I am praying for a miracle. My heart is mostly at peace most of the time (or i managed to block out all my emotions) which i am not sure but i believe it is the former not the latter. Sometimes a wave of sadness will just suddenly hit me and i will just try to get over it.

I have been busy with school work. Trying to make sure that i get used to the pace of university life like doing my readings before lectures and i have a essay, photo deco and a blog post all due next week. Procrastination should never appear in my dictionary because if it occurs, i will really suffer later on.  Psychology modules in general are tedious because it involves lots of research and references but it is pretty interesting overall. 

I am grateful to God that i am in this big group of girl friends and it really helps to have friends together with me. I do not feel so alone in this although i am not particularly close to anyone yet but all of them are really nice. I kind of become more extroverted when i am with them because it is a big group. 

I miss my home a lot when i am in university partly because i really wanted to relax and rest and do my own things. My university is really far from my house and i always want to quickly get home so that i have more time relaxing. Although school is fun but i really want a break. I will always ensure that i have some time alone to myself everyday so that i can recharge myself physically and mentally. 

Yeah that is how this week went, i shall stop here and be back with more stuff soon in my next post.


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