By God’s Grace

Things are not getting better yet but i am feeling much better because i am trusting in God to control the situation.

Today was my church’s Youth Sunday and so a guest speaker was invited to preach on a topic specifically to the youths.

His message title was living a lifestyle that pleases God.

Out of everything he had mentioned, the sentence that struck me the most was: if you honor God, God will honor you. Simply put if you obey God and do His Will regardless of circumstances, he will bless you back in return. Not specific promises on whether i will become rich or getting material possessions but just being blessed by God in ways that i cannot imagine.

Looking at my situation now, i really needed that encouragement once again that God is in control no matter how bad the situation seems to be. When i think back about all those times on how God gave me strength whenever i am in bad situations, i knew that He will not abandon me no matter how upset i may be.

I did not get all those bad times alone. It is impossible really and still manage to come out better than before i went in. It is the grace of God that carries me. I am standing firm on the fact that God is real and looking at the challenges i faced in my life which are sometimes so huge, it is really God that is giving me strength.

I believe that God will honor me just as i honor Him with the way i live in doing His Will. And i am somehow giving a test to God in this. And if He doesn’t at all honors me in my life as i continue on my journey, then He is not real. But if He does, i hope that you readers will believe in Him that God is real and He is leading me on to a greater and better journey in my life that i can never imagine doing it alone by myself.



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