Mind still not ready for studying yet.

It is only day 2 of university but i am already so mentally tired.

I reached home at 1pm today but till now i am still tired although i did not do much.

I read up the required readings for a module and try to read up a book which i have to submit an essay by the end of the semester. Halfway through i fell asleep because it is really wordy. I am still not used to studying yet.

I guess i really have to take one step at a time and not try to rush to finish reading all my required readings for this week. It is only the first week, i am trying to find and set a comfortable studying pace. I am contemplating if i should get a schedule book to note down all the important stuff but frankly i am not sure if i will really do it because i am quite lazy.

I guess i really need to get the IPad from the school soon. Every student is entitled to one. That will save me lots of trouble on having to carry my laptop around to school everyday.

I have 4 consecutive days of 9 am classes. It is really torturing because i have to leave house by 7.35 latest. During my past 2 months working at IBM, i don’t even need to get up so early. I need more sleep.

Alright i am hoping to settle in comfortably soon and have more energy to be more active. I can do it!


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