First Day of being a University Student

Today is my first day attending university.

Right up to yesterday night, i am still feeling nervous and scared not because of the social interaction but rather on the subjects i will be taking. After all i am studying psychology and the modules are really heavy due to the amount of research and critical thinking required. I read up the slides and readings for today’s lesson and i am just filled with more dread.

So before i went to bed last night, i just entrust everything to God’s hands because really there is nothing more i could do.

Today’s lesson was quite okay. I made more new friends and have lunch with them. 80% of my coursemates are mostly international students. Due to that, i felt that i am in a whole different environment which is pretty good for me. Everybody seems nice and the friends that i make are all nice people too. The atmosphere is great and i hope that it will stay this way for the whole time when i am in university.

I know that i have to be more hardworking than ever before due to the course. I will try my best to stay that way. In poly, there were opportunities to slack up and still be able to catch up later on but for psychology, i don’t think that is possible.

I noticed that a significant number of my coursemates are introverts, pretty interesting. So far i have not really see a super extrovert. And 80% of them are females. I feel more comfortable in a way because i do not have to become really extroverted to mingle around although i am a ambivert.

Thank God for the good beginning as i slowly settle myself into the new environment and be more comfortable with whatever i am about to do.


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