God’s goodness is everywhere

God’s goodness is everywhere.


Just look up at the skies and the clouds, all these are God’s creation, not man made and breathe in the fresh air. Sometimes i do that and i feel that my problems are not really that major actually and i know i can get through it.

Take a look at the people who love you and care about you. They teach you what love is and give you a sense of belonging and comfort in this fast paced world. They help you to become more of you who are just as you help them too.

How about meeting new people and making friends with them? Out of almost 7 billion people on this planet, you have met these people and they have taught you to have a bigger perspective on life through the interactions and trials you go through with them. They are in your life for a reason and mostly it is for you to become better.

Step back and think about all those perfectly falls into place situations where you called it as a coincidence or just being lucky. It is not luck, it is called God’s perfect timing.

Appreciate the man-made infrastructure around you. With all the advanced technologies nowadays, it is hard for people to imagine living in caves and eating from the ground without cooking. Humans created them but God gave them the ideas.

As much as there is injustice and evil in this world, we should not be afraid of them and become cynical. Instead we should start emphasizing on the positives and spread this energy around to brighten up the atmosphere around us.

Recently i have been noticing more and more of God’s goodness in a very subtle way. And i thank God that my eyes are a bit more opened to observe and i am really thankful and contented with all the good things that have been happening so far. I am looking forward to what God has in store for me in the future as i continue to fix my eyes on Him.



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