Holiday Trip to HK!

I touched down in Singapore early this morning at 2 plus after a 4 days 3 night trip to HongKong.

I went to HongKong with my family and it is a fruitful trip. My last family overseas trip was in 2012 June and i was eagerly anticipating for this trip. It is my third time to HongKong and this time i get to spend with my own money.

I am thankful to God that i can enjoy my trip fully without being hindered much by my sprained ankle. My sprained ankle was about 90% recovered when i left for HongKong and this was a week after i fell. The recovery is amazingly fast and i believe that God was involved in this healing process.

About 70% of the trip was spent on shopping with the remaining 30% being spent on visiting iconic places like The Avenue of Stars and Noah’s Ark. To be honest, i am really exhausted by all the walking but the fact that i am shopping for what i want is the reason why i continued on haha. I didn’t manage to sleep all the way for the three nights there because my dad snores and World Cup matches, but it is all right.

The pace of life in HongKong is really fast and somewhat depressing. People rush to places everywhere and it just causes the atmosphere to tense up. The buildings in HongKong are mostly grey or white in color and in terms of the whole general landscape, it looks disproportionate. HongKong is a great place to shop but the citizens there seem stressed up by the movement of globalization as they strive to make sure that HongKong stays competitive. I observed all these while i was travelling to different places in the country.

I do appreciate Singapore and i can see how our country is better off. I just hope that Singapore won’t end up being so competivie till the income gap between the rich and the poor is so wide and there is unhappiness everywhere. I rather Singapore lose its 1st ranking for a slower but yet happier pace of life. We do not have to be first in everything and getting first does not necessarily means happiness.

Thoughts aside, i am really thankful that i get to go HongKong and buy so many things. Not sure when will i get the next opportunity but meanwhile i will just be contented with what i have šŸ™‚


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