I trust in You, Daddy God

I trust in You, Daddy God in all circumstances and in all situations.

You have always been watching over me and i can never be hidden from You.

You know how many tears i have shed and every single reason for why those tears came.

You are with me in all types of situations and You understand exactly what i went through to become the current me.

You know my worries and struggles and how i had covered it up so well in front of people.

You know my deepest desires and childlike hopes and how much i want it to become reality.

I know You will answer when i cry out to you with my honesty and faith.

Just like how You prevented the heavy rain from dropping until i walked into the shelter of the void deck under the HDB Block, I know that You heard my prayers even though i did not verbalize it.

Just like how certain things manage to fall perfectly into place because of Your divine Hand, Daddy God I trust and love You completely.

You are the only reason why i continue to live on optimistically no matter what difficulties i faced.

You are my Daddy God and i know that i will be provided and care for because Daddy do not let his children go hungry.

I know You will deliver upon Your Promises that You have mentioned in the Bible.

So help me Daddy God whenever I feel down and out to be reminded of You, the Big and Mighty God who is in charge of everything.

Encourage me God whenever those feelings of being useless and inadequacy comes because I will get blinded and discouraged by those.

I want to focus on You, Daddy God and i know that You will never forsake me in all circumstances. Keep my eyes and heart following after You Lord and I know that  i will never have to be troubled because of Your eternal Love and Grace.



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