Sprained ankle

I sprained my left ankle yesterday on the way to church after finishing work.

I mentioned in my previous post about receiving a little hint from God through part of a worship song.

I wondered if it is to prepare me for this, haha.

It was my fault that i sprained  my ankle. I was actually walking down the staircase from the mrt platform when i missed a few steps and just tumbled forward. At that time i was actually fiddling around with my phone because i wanted to hear music,  The fall was quite bad, i heard my feet bone kind of crack a bit and i thought my feet really gone case. I could not stand or move for the next few minutes. Thank God that some passer-by informed the service staff about my situation and they came over to help me up. Although i was still in pain, i could still walk and continued my journey to church.

It was only after sitting down in church that i noticed that my feet had become really swollen and then i realized that i sprained my ankle. This is my first time in my entire life that i sprained my ankle. In the past there were several occasions where i almost sprained but somehow managed to get away safely with God’s grace. I was kind of frustrated because i was supposed to go out with a few friends tomorrow (which is today). I prayed to God, hoping for some miraculous healing  and the church prayed for me too. I was given a car lift home by a church member.

But it did not happen, i do not blame God also after all just let things go the way it should be.  This morning i could barely get out of bed. The pain went down a bit after 1 plus hour and i could move around slowly. My dad brought me to a chinese medical shop for the chinese doctor to treat my ankle. The treatment was painful but bearable although i cried quite a bit.

But i thank God that now i am feeling much better and i am praying for a speedy recovery soon.


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