Little hints

I don’t believe in coincidences, i believe in God’s perfect timing.

There have been countless occasions where something perfectly falls into place for the situation to go smoothly or i am somewhat prepared for the situation before it happens by little hints from God.

I am not sure if it applies but here is one latest example.

Just last night in the midst of eating dinner at a coffee-shop, suddenly the lyrics of this song pop into my head. I have not heard this song for like so long.

Part of the lyrics goes like this:

We give thanks, we give praise.

For we know that all things work together for our good

We give thanks, we give praise.

For by faith, we know your grace will see us through.

I have been working alone for the past 2 days because my co-worker is down with stomach flu. I was feeling miserable on the first day but i try not to make such a big fuss over it. On the second day i was kind of getting used to it and am more optimistic because I was expecting her to be back today. But nobody expected that she will get fever and would not be able to come. I was sad but it is okay, i always make the best out of everything.

And then earlier on during work today, my two colleagues in the office started arguing and the mood in the room is just tense and uncomfortable. ps: I almost got dragged into the argument and almost caused one of them to misunderstand me. Thank God that i am able to clear up the misunderstanding later on.

These issues are minor and unexpected but i believe that this song is kind of an encouragement from God about Him being in control no matter what happens whether big or small.




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