A new journey is about to begin soon

I have just officially graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic on Monday, collecting my diploma cert on stage.

For me the main focus on that ceremony is not the collecting of cert part but more of finding friends to take photos to celebrate and appreciate each other. I am so glad that i was able to take photos with almost all of my friends whom i am thankful to God for being able to know them in poly. It is not what distinctions or what i have studied that is the most valuable but the people whom i have forged friendships with.  I am even especially glad that i am able to convey my heartfelt words to the people that i care about.

I think the 3 years in poly has helped me to become a stronger and more mature person. Through the difficulties i faced, i have learnt how to use it to become stronger and be a better person.  I believe that there is never an end to improving myself and so i shall continue.

Before i attended the graduation ceremony, i went to James Cook university to sign and accept the offer letter for a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) degree with my family. I was kind of nervous because my dad is quite concerned about the fees which is expensive. I know that it is quite a heavy financial burden and i am praying to God for help in this. Doing my best in studying is something that i do not need to debate about, i will definitely fulfill it.  I am planning to become a counselor and i pray that my plans are what God actually wants me to do. My heart is in peace when i decided on this.

So my new journey for the next 2 years will be in James Cook university. I am excited but nervous at the same time. New environment, new people to meet. I am praying that i will meet good friends and enjoy this new journey that i embarked on.


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