Surrendering to God

My greatest fear is not people’s opinions of me or death but rather that I lost the intimacy with God. That I become spiritually blind to His presence.

It is definitely great when God uses me mightily for His Purpose and that I am able to maximise on my talents. But I am more fearful if I lost the intimacy with God, lost the art of being aware of His Presence and not being able to confide everything to Him.

How wonderful it is to feel and be in His Presence. That peaceful and loving feeling with that calm assurance that no matter how bad things may be, God is still next to me, holding my hand and guiding me. That feeling is something the world cannot give.

I know I am very much imperfect and I kept making the same mistakes time and time again because I am not spiritually strong enough. I tried with all my human effort to never do it again but yet I still did. And I learnt that it is only by focusing on God and surrendering everything to Him that I can overcome it. Thank you God for not abandoning me in my time of weakness and still giving me the grace to get up again.

Intimacy with God is something that the world cannot snatch away because it is a relationship between you and God. Nobody can duplicate that because the relationship is built upon the faith and love you have in Him in your circumstances you face in your own life.

I do not care much about possessions or achievements in this world because all these are nothing as compared to the relationship I have with God. Without God, my life would have been meaningless.

I am an unworthy servant who have been saved by God’s grace and I pray that my life will be a sweet offering for God. O God, forgive me for all my sins and continue to shape me into the person You want me to be day by day. Help me in my times of trials and guide me through everything as I confide everything to You.


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