Money is to be used and not to be owned

Today is Mothers’ Day. thankfully i did not let it pass with regrets this time.

Spontaneously decided to treat my mum to lunch and get a small gift for my stepmom. I am kind of relieved and glad that i did it. Thank God.

Today’s sermon is pretty interesting, the topic is about money even though it is Mothers’ Day. But i learnt something important and i hope that i can remember this for the rest of my life.

1. Money does not belong to us, but belong to God. We are God’s stewards (managers) who are entrusted with responsibility to use our money wisely.

2. Money is not a master, it is simply a tool to do things. You cannot serve God and money at the same time.

3. Money is not ours to own but we owe it to meet the needs of others.

4. Money becomes waste when you keep it to yourself, refusing to help others or spending excessively on stuff that is temporal.

5. Money is one of the major ways that God uses people to richly bless and help others who are in need, and although it may not seem much but it has eternal value that we may not know it ourselves.

6. God uses everybody whether they have much or little for His purpose and no comparison is ever needed. Do not feel insignificant because you have little or be arrogant because you have much. For everything belongs to God and we must give an account to Him on how we have used our money responsibly.

Looking at these 6 facts, it seems hard to do it just through natural motivations because we are imperfect and we are so tempted to just use our money however we want it to be. But it is possible because God lives in us through His Holy Spirit and as long as we continue to stay close to Him, reading His word and being conscious of Him every day, it can be done.

I am not very good with money. Especially when it comes to buying things, because i do not like details so i just buy the thing immediately without comparing prices elsewhere. When it comes to giving tithes, i am not sure whether i really give 10 percent because i do not calculate how much i am really receiving…Laziness that sums it all.

Before today, i didn’t think that money could be such a big deal in how it could be used by God to touch people’s lives. Yes i know money can change people lives significantly in the physical sense but it could also impact people’s lives spiritually and emotionally.

Feeling guilty that i had not been handling my money wisely. I will strive to be more aware and use my money more wisely with God’s help because there is no way i can do this alone.


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