I started work last Thursday as a temp Hr administrator.

I waited almost one month for this job but well its worth the wait because the company is reputable and it is near my house.

What is more surprising is that there is another person joining me in the same role too. I’m thankful that I got a working partner. She is one year younger than me and we hit it off pretty well from the first day we met.
I do not know how I suddenly became so sociable but ever since then we had have so much fun working together.

Work is mostly got to do with filing and filling in some data on Microsoft excel. Pretty easy as compared to the other jobs I had worked before. Therefore work has been running really smoothly so far with friendly colleagues and working environment.

To me the working environment and the people there really makes the difference to the energy towards work. For the first time, even though work is kind of boring but I’m excited to go to work because of the people there.
I’m thankful to God for all these things.


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