Next Part of Life

Actually i wanted to be more active in blogging on certain topics i am concerned about. But my mind has been kind of lazy and the engines are kind of slow so i shall not blog on that at the moment.

Yes what is my next part of life?

I am going to work from this Wednesday all the way to 20 June in IBM as temp HR administrator. I am happy that i am working in a MNC company. I waited one month for this job, and i hope that my waiting will not be in vain but that i will enjoy working there. Office wear to me is still a drag because its not so comfortable although i wore it for many times. But i am thankful that the working place is near my house ūüôā

I submitted my uni application for Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) to James Cook University today. If everything goes smoothly, i will be starting classes on 23 June. I know that studying psychology is going to be really challenging because of all the thesis i have to write up and i am praying to God to guide me when the time comes.  I will be studying that for two years.  The fees are expensive and i hope to repay my dad in the future quickly.

Although life is unpredictable, the best way is to make plans and stick to it.

So many bad events have been happening around the world recently and the frequency of those are increasing every year. Nobody can predict or stop anything. The world is becoming more and more chaotic. Even in the midst of all these crisis, i hope that everybody learn to truly recognize what matters and what does not matter. Time is the currency of life, not money. Most importantly i pray that everybody will come to know God intimatelyand know that despite all these bad events that are occurring, He is in control.


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