Eternal Hope

Life is unpredictable, especially in terms of not knowing when death will come.

I have not experienced any grief for a death for a close one because everybody is still alive and i thank God for that.

But i know that nobody can live forever and it is just a matter of time before death comes to take away people. I won’t know how exactly i react when it happens but i can never mentally prepare the emotions beforehand because i never experienced it before.

I think this is one of the reasons why adults are more likely to get more cynical as they get older. Because when adults were younger, they thought they could control everything and everything will go fine as long as they do their best. Studying as a student is predictable because you reap what you sow. But when you step into the working world, its not just simply putting in your best and expecting the results to come immediately but you also have to be aware of the other underlying factors that may affect the results and sometimes despite all the best you have given, your efforts come to naught.  When you get older, the people around you get older too and they will start leaving you in death due to different reasons. You cannot control when they die and you have to learn how to accept it and let it go.

Have you ever wonder what happens after you die? Most people are afraid of death, mainly because they do not know what happens after they die and they do not want to separate from their loved ones on Earth.

I have to say this because there is a God who truly love us.

There is a Heaven and there is a Hell as well. We won’t simply fade off into nothing when we die, we are more than a body, we have a soul too. The soul is the one that makes you question what is your purpose in life because there is definitely something more than what we eat, work/study and sleep.

There are so many religions out there and because of that, nobody knows who is the real deal. Some people believe all Gods are the same and believe in all. Some people don’t even believe at all because they think that they are solely in charge of their destiny on earth and after they die, that is it.  There are also people who firmly believe in one religion throughout their lives.

I am a Christian and yes i believe that my God is real. God is good and is real.  He is God with unconditional love, who loves all of us even though we are imperfect. God wants to have a relationship with us, not just simply offering sacrifices to him only. God is perfect and it is impossible for us to have a relationship with Him unless we are perfect too. There is no one on earth who can truly say that he/she has never done any bad thing at all for the whole of his/her life. Lying is a bad thing, just like murdering. Both are bad things. So we are all imperfect and we should be forever separated from God because of our bad things.

People may ask,” If God really love us and want to have a relationship with us, then why we are imperfect, shouldn’t we be perfect as well?”  Actually when God first created us, He created us to be perfect in His sight. He created Adam and Eve and He put them on earth to take care of the earth.  Everything on earth was perfect, God let them eat anything except for the fruit from  one tree which contained knowledge of both good and evil. He told them that if they eat that, they will die. God has a relationship with them on the Earth and He was with them. But there is a devil, a fallen angel Satan who hated God and he tricked  Adam and Eve into eating the fruit from that forbidden tree by giving them two ideas that created doubts towards God. The two questions were: Are you sure God do not let you eat the fruit from all the trees in the garden? This made them start having doubts. Satan also convinced them that they will not die if they eat that forbidden fruit and they will be like God when they eat that.  This made them think that they can be like God and they have some feelings of wanting to be God, as a result both of them ate the fruit.  As a result, they are doomed to be separated from God in death because evil has entered into them and they become imperfect.

But God is not a merciless God. He created us and He loves us dearly for we are created in His image. He does not want us to be condemned to be separated from Him eternally. He knows that we are all imperfect and no matter how hard we tried to be perfect, we will forever fall short from His standards. So He send his one and only Perfect Son, Jesus to come down to earth, to be a human like us and die for us so that we can be reconciled to Him. Jesus the Son of God, took on our earthly flesh, was a perfect man living on earth and He died for us to let us be connected to God once again. But it is not complete yet, for Jesus cannot just die. Death is the eternal separation from God. Jesus rose on the third day, conquering death and this shows us that Jesus have defeated death for us so that we can be connected to God for eternity.

All God wants us to do is to believe in Him, to believe that God send his Son, Jesus, to die for our sins and that it is through Jesus that we are saved and made right with God. It is not good works that save us, it is the grace and love that God has given us so that we can have a relationship with Him.  Of course that does not mean that we can continue on to sin after believing in Him, it is like stepping on God Himself. We have to stop doing those bad stuff and developed new and good habits. Good works are not meant to magnify ourselves, it is simply because we have received the unconditional love from God and we want everybody to know how much God loves them, that good works is one of the examples on how God actually really loves us.

I know that for people to truly believe in God, they have to experience it themselves. So it is not possible for anybody reading this to immediately believe in God after that. What draws people to God is the unconditional love that He gives them. Yes God is real and good. My job here is to tell you the truth, to tell you what Christianity is about and God will do the rest. I really pray that you will come to know and experience the love of Christ one day for He is real and He truly loves us and He wants us to be in Heaven with Him for all eternity.



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