Lost is good but not for too long

It is okay to get lost sometimes but do not get lost for too long.

Getting lost makes you want to focus on something, drives you to take actions and to really think of what really matters.

It is perfectly okay to get lost in life, to not know where to go next.

But there should be a defined limit and timing on how long you want to be lost in.

You cannot be totally lost and not know what to do for the rest of your life.

The feeling of being lost can be thrilling at times because you have freedom in dictating your steps and you can move in and out of areas freely. But as you move in and out, you will start to identify what suits and not suits you. What brings you to life and what motivates you.  It is important to take note of what brings life to you because this is part of the essence of who you are. So jump into unknown territory, ask questions and start planning!

You are responsible for your life and you also have to be accountable to your loved ones. So do not get lost for too long, do not let life dictate your path but you dictate your own path.  Don’t just live and work just to make money, for you cannot bring it with you when you leave this earth. Live to bring out the best in yourself, positively impacting people and making a difference in their lives. Money can always be earned later and is measurable but the impact you leave on others is priceless and long lasting.

One way to get an inkling of who you are is the Myer- Briggs personality test. It is really informative on who you are and how you react in certain situations,  it is not conclusive and mostly general.

Another way is to follow your interests, however not all interests are suitable to be a career choice so do keep that in mind.

Another way is to establish your values and principles, actually this is not a Way, it is the essence of who you are. The reason why you choose to behave and make decisions in different situations. What do you truly believe in?

Everybody have talents. I hope people realize that just because some talents seems to shine brighter than others, it doesn’t necessarily mean that their talents are of lesser value. In fact not all talents can be measurable. Society is trying to give a measurement to everything and having standards on what is good and not good. But hey everybody is imperfect, so do not be so obsessed with society’s standards and tie it to your own self-worth. It is pretty disheartening to see people giving up so quickly just because they think they cannot make it when in reality they really do have the potential to go far, all they need is for their talents to be more polished through training.

Success does not mean that you need to be recognized by everybody. You do not need to gain fame to be counted as successful. I believe that success comes when you finally know what you have and using it to the best to influence the people around you positively and having the peace and contentment within that not everything needs to be quantifiable.

It is really important to know your own identity because society is no longer as helpful as it seems. There are chaos all around and you are going to end up miserable if you let it define you.



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