Daily Prompt: I Believe

For today’s prompt, tell us three things that you believe in your heart to be true. Tell us three things you believe in your heart to be false

Three things i believe in my heart to be true:

1. That Christ lives in my heart.

God is always there with me, guiding me in every step that i take, letting me pour out everything to Him and unconditionally loving me. I am always thankful and grateful that He is a merciful and loving God.

2. I want to be used by God to fulfill His purpose for me

I believe that everybody on earth has a purpose through the different talents and personalities that each person have.  The best way i can honor and love back God is to let Him guide me to my destiny, using the best of my talents and developing new skills to be better to love and help people.

3. I can always improve.

There is never an end to learning in all areas. I believe that what i lack or is bad in can always be turned around if i am willing to learn with determination. It is not possible for me to excel in everything but i can excel in some things. As long as i keep my optimistic mode and bounce back from failures, i can achieve what i set out to do.

Three things that i believe in my heart to be false:

1. That i cannot do it.

Self doubts is always one of the biggest killers to any desire or goal that i want to do. Fear is my greatest enemy, not people.

2. That i cannot reach out to people because i am an introvert.

I am an INFJ and my personality type has mostly been described as being quiet and really very private. Most likely to get misunderstood. People have always got me wrong from their first impression of me. When i am actually shy, they think i am aloof. I love people, in fact i am somewhat a contradiction. I am an introvert who loves people, who needs to have deep conversations with people and help them. I can be alone too because i need time to recharge. But i cannot be alone 100 per cent of the time, i will be really miserable.

3.  That my life is meant to be a disaster because of problems.

I faced many difficult problems that i should not be going through at my age. In fact sometimes i get depressed and angry on why i had to even be facing that problem in the first place.  I will vent my anger at God, and He knows what i am really feeling. I am thankful that He still loves me and did not abandon me after that.

I believe that God is in my life during those times. It is so easy for me to become rebellious and just waste my life away. I could have become a bitter person. I have many motivational books at home and i believe that it is not just my own decision but God’s hand was in it to lead me to read those books to become stronger. And from those experiences, i can use it to comfort others when they are facing the similar situation too. I believe that God is at work in me, to use those experiences to help others.

God is the same yesterday, today and forever and i am really grateful for what He has done for me so far and i am praying and looking forward to the future because i know my life is in His hands.


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