Decided on pursuing Psychology

I went for the SIM Global University Open House today.

And i came out with wanting to pursue psychology instead. ( I really hope that its the right one and no more changes please) It is not a radical change, i can still enter the social work field with a Psychology degree. In practical terms, there are more career options to choose from as compared to pursuing social work. I have kind of given up on the social work degree idea because the criteria is really too discouraging for me. The fact that the degree is part time and i have to be working and studying at the same time just stress me out. I have no idea if i can cope with both.

If my results are good, hopefully i study all the way up to Masters and become a certified psychologist. I just do not want to end up being on another crossroad if i graduate with just a normal psychology degree and being unable to become a psychologist. I do not think i will face that much of a problem, maybe i can do basic counselling?

I really want to help people, find out the potential in them and bring out their best.  My friends all kind of agreed that i am more suited for psychology because i observe people well. I told my dad about it and he seems more satisfied with this choice. Right now, i will be searching for more information and pray to God about it.

Really really hope my next post is not announcing that i have change plans again. I do not like to be indecisive and my mind needs to be at peace.


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