Daily Prompt: Never Surrender

Daily Prompt: Never Surrender

Are you stubborn as a grass stain or as easy going as a light breeze on a warm day? Tell us about the ways in which you’re stubborn — which issues make you dig your heels in and refuse to budge?

I am a stubborn person in many ways but not in all ways. Being stubborn has its pros and cons, depending on what issue i am not willing to give in on.  Throughout poly, during project work  i have known that people said that i am domineering and stubborn. I do not deny that because when it comes to work especially i am usually serious and will want the project to be successful so i will want to know what is going on in the progress of the project. I do wish i am more laid back and become bo chap, but i am not one so i won’t be like that just to get along with everybody. But i am not domineering all the time, if i see somebody being more capable than me, i let the person do all the leading. Actually i do not agree with the term,” domineering” because i do not attempt to control everybody parts in the project. All i usually do is to initiate the meetings, request to split the workload, ask for the deadline and know who does what.  After which i just do finish my own part and submit to whoever is compiling and i just have a look through the given final report before the submission date.  So how is that domineering? All i want to know actually is if the project is going on smoothly and i will not bother much after that.

There are definitely some things i am pretty stubborn on, unwilling to budge and not compromising on it. These are mostly got to do with my own personal values and what i believe in.

1. My Christian beliefs

My Christian beliefs are an essential part of my own personal values and principles that i stand for. I truly believe that there is a God who exists and who loves us so deeply despite our imperfections. I can feel His love and this Love is available to anybody regardless of their race, background, imperfections to those who believes in Him.

2. My decisions on my future

I am fully responsible for my own life and therefore whatever major life decisions i make is fully up to me and i am willing to take up the consequences for it. Be it choosing a career, marriage or buying a house. Definitely i am lacking in many areas, and i will make sure that i am prepared for every decision and seeking God’s guidance on it.

Okay i must have sounded so serious and stubborn. There are areas that i am NOT stubborn on especially when it comes to dealing with PEOPLE.  I mean i get really stubborn if they are doing something really wrong and i have to tell them about it because it is in conflict with the general values and morals that society wants to uphold.

But when it comes to having a conversation, a heart to heart talk, i usually let the other party take the lead. I won’t force my thinking on them, won’t force them to only talk about a certain few topics. I let them take the lead, i let them decide what they want to do, where they want to go and what they want to eat. I will only open up if they ask me or if i think that it is okay for me to open up to them without them feeling annoyed. If they need a good listener, i be there to listen. If they need some help, i help them in the best way i know. Because everybody is unique and have their own thinking. Mostly because i love them for who they are, i do not need them to have to pretend in front of me, i get hurt if i knew they did that. Mostly because i care. We  are all imperfect people and we need to help each other. That is why i am really sensitive to the non-verbal communication, i know if the person is not being true or hiding something from me.  When it comes to heart to heart communications, i am vulnerable but i know its worth being vulnerable if at the end of the day, something wonderful happens and the relationship (friendship) is brought to a higher level of understanding and trust.

So in conclusion, i am still quite stubborn la but not so stubborn till i cannot accept opinions or different views. Still normal okay!



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