1st week since poly ended

One week has passed since poly ended.

I have been cooped up with my hobbies.

On Monday, i visited my mom and accompanied her to see the doctor. Victoria, my youngest sibling is already 8 months old. The previous time i saw her was when she was 6 months old and 2 months made a lot of difference. She has grown bigger and her facial features are more sharp. I felt a bit of regret that i could not be with her most of the time and she has grown up so quickly. Her two older sisters, Tiffany and Nicole also grew taller and now i could have a basic conversation with them. Last time when i spoke to them, they usually replied me nonsensically but now they can answer me and talk to me. I am happy.

I went to borrow some crime fiction books from the library. It has been quite long since i had borrowed books. I borrowed 6 books in total on Tuesday. And by today, i read finish 5 books.  Reading has been my favorite hobby since primary 4, i devour books faster than i devour food 🙂

On Wednesday, i met up my primary school friend for dinner. I loved one to one conversations because those conversations always run deep. And i always talk about the deep stuff, understanding the person more. I am thankful that this friendship is gonna stay long term despite the different phrases of life.

On Thursday, i went swimming in the morning. Okay i shall confess, i did not exactly swim. In fact i lost that touch of swimming and my stamina is gone case. I swum and chilled in the pool for an hour before i gave up because the water was too cold. But still, swimming refreshed my morning.

On Friday, my poly friend and i went to a career and education fair at Suntec Convention Centre. I was supposed to attend this seminar on career options on public and social services but it got cancelled when i was there. So my friend and i walked around mainly to the social services booths to obtain more information. I also did a personality assessment at one of the booths with the consultant helping to analyse the results. The consultant that analysed my result said that my personality is fitting for social work and i am even much more convinced that i have to pursue it. I just cannot think of any other career options other than that.

That evening, i was the projectionist for my church Friday’s prayer service. The service was great with God’s presence being felt there so keenly. And i somehow felt guilty that i am in the service because i am on duty. I will try to make it a point to attend those monthly Friday prayer services from now on. Prayer is extremely important because God make things happen based on that. My prayer life is not that good and i need to make it a point to pray daily. Prayer is not simply asking God to fulfill our requests but it is more of a conversation with God and knowing that He is in control despite our circumstances.

I am contented and thankful that my first week went smoothly like this.  One day at a time.


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