It is okay to do nothing

I don’t know why but i am quite bothered by the fact that i am doing nothing. Not searching for jobs or registering for further studies. I guess seeing how my peers are getting jobs and making a living kinds of pressure me to quickly get one too.

But no i will not give in to external pressure. I guess this is how stressful Singapore’s society is. And i can bet that majority of Singaporeans are workaholics, that it feels wrong to just do nothing and simply rest. The competitive mentality that is ingrained through education, that we are just a tiny red dot and then if we do not work hard enough, we will fade away. Yes this is the truth but we can balance it out. I know it is not easy but i believe we do not need to be No 1 at everything, especially on things that are quantifiable but does not have much meaningful value.  Like for example, we can be the top for the high standard of living but yet ranked poorly for happiness.

We are humans after all with desires of our own that we want to fulfill. Let us not lose our lives slogging out for money and then having no time to fulfill those desires. It is okay to take a break and let us be in control of when we should take those breaks. Because even if you do not care about your body and neglects it, your body will automatically do something to make you slow down, eg illness. You cant earn time but you can earn money.

And so i shall not jump into a job simply because of pressure but i will jump into it when i want to. I am going to rest, indulge in my hobbies and have some me time so that i can carefully think out of where i should go next. To be in the moment and enjoy it, that is what it really matters.


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