Unofficially graduated from poly

A huge sigh of relief came over me when i finished my last exam paper.

Out of all the 3 papers that i took, the last exam paper would be the best that i have done for. I felt so relieved as i walk out from the exam hall and i couldn’t believe that poly is over just like that. Celebrated with my friends after that with a nice lunch at Din Tai Fung followed by a BBQ at a classmate’s friend place.

The 3 years i spent in poly has taught me many things especially with people. I have my up moments and down moments in poly life however the most important thing that i have gained is to learnt to be truly myself. I will not apologize for who i am and stick firm to my principles.  I learnt that not everything can be concluded especially with people, sometimes silence is the best way to end it although i really do wish i can get some answer but it is time to move on. Action speaks way way louder than words and i have observed and see who could be trusted. And people will respect you when you mind your own business, not interfering in problems or participating in gossips that does not concern you. Another one that i have learnt is that being too cynical robs your youth mentality and you will feel much older and bitter although physically you are not.

The working world will be much harsher definitely and i am hesitant to quickly step out to join the masses of office people flowing in and  out in a routine from 9 to 5 from Monday to Friday. Although i do wish to quickly earn money so that i could travel overseas with my friends but i needed my rest and enjoyment first before getting into a job. The most dreaded and pressing question is what am i gonna do after poly? I have no certain answer. I mentioned so many times before that i want to study social work but i don’t meet any criteria because i will have to be 21 and working full time. For now its either i pursue a HR job with my current diploma or try to get a social work internship.  Or maybe just give up social work and pursue a psychology with business degree.

I craved for meaning in my work, meaning in terms of helping people, offering emotional support. The type of jobs i am seeking for are those with high meaningful value but low pay. I do wish i can find a job that balances both aspects. Yesterday was my first day of holiday and i had been onto JobStreet already :/ Must mentally tell myself thst i need a break to recharge myself. Work will always knock on your door whether you want it a not but rest is something you must make time for. Till then, i am gonna keep my fingers crossed and hopefully God will show me a definite path to take.


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