3 more weeks before i am out of poly

3 more weeks? That sounds fast!

Chinese New Year came speeding last Friday and i was crazily working at full speed doing my projects when the clock hit 12 on the dot. 3 project presentations are due this week and so i have been crazily working since last Wednesday. I knew that i definitely had no time to do during the first and second day of CNY and it is not possible to finish on Sunday. So i turned on my working gears, worked till late for both Thursday and Friday and grabbing any spare time in between the CNY to do finish my work. Thank God that i managed to complete majority of it by Saturday morning and was able to enjoy CNY for quite a bit. This CNY is the most stressful i would say due to all the sickening projects.

As of now, i have completed 2 with 1 more project left tomorrow for this week. Got one more final presentation due on next Monday but i am especially happy now because International business AKA INTERNATIONAL BURDEN is over yesterday! My group was the first to present and the first to rejoice heheh. The module is so heavy with so much research to do and so much critical thinking is needed. Not only that, there is a Q&A component which our classmates and teacher must ask us questions for them to earn marks and for us to earn marks for answering. I didn’t really answered much and have not ask any question to the other group yesterday because i just wanted some rest for myself after the presentation. I feel like throwing away that component because i guess this component is for those who can answer fast and think fast and i am not one of them. Everybody have to compete to get those marks and i feel really pressurized. Don’t understand why there must be even such a component that we have to kind of ‘kill’ other groups with our questions since the marks are awarded on a individual basis.>.<

So next week i have one individual assignment and 2 projects (one having a presentation) to submit before the one and only exam study break before the final exams. Time will pass fast very quickly.

And i will be officially free!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

……………………..and i will have to quickly make a decision on how i should proceed on with my next phrase of life.


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