I don’t understand

I don’t understand why one person being upset with another person have to somehow spread that unhappiness to the others around by pointing out others’ flaws when they come into contact with that angry person.

I don’t understand how elders want you to respect them still when even though they respect their elders but they treat the kids badly through emotional abuse. It is like no matter how hurtful their words are, they got the right to say it just because they are the elders. Bullshit honestly.

Because i am suffering from all these and i cannot vent. I cannot go up and point out the wrong because i have no right to.

As much as i tell my close friends about my problems, there is a limit to how i can fully describe my emotions.

Besides not everybody have the capacity to fully understand what i am going through and they cannot be there for me 24/7

In fact if i keep harping on this, i guess i will chase away all my friends because they will see me as a person who is forever having problems.

All i want and need is a person to be there for me 24/7. Not lover, just a friend. But nah it is too unrealistic because that person that i am wanting would need to have the emotional strength and maturity to withstand all my foolishness.

I just feel suffocated at home. I stay in my room mostly all the time because i want peace, quietness. And then i keep using my phone, like its an alternative reality for me.

Im just depressed.


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