Driven by Dysfunction

Everyone is driven by some form of dysfunction and also motivation to do something they want in life.

Whether it be getting a car, owning a house or helping the poor or be highly educated. All these desires come from both motivation and dysfunction. Because people are not perfect. And not many people know why and how their desires to achieve something come from. It is very hard to fully pinpoint out whether that desire comes from dysfunction or just motivation because there are many underlying causes that the person may not fully understand it himself. It may be an childhood incident or may be the way the person was brought up or the society’s views.

One major sign of a desire being driven by dysfunction would be the person cannot fail, the person would make sure that there is no signs of failure in achieving that desire. If the person fail, the person will be very depressed.

I think it is very important that everybody knows what is the difference between being driven by dysfunction and motivation. Because in this fast paced world where many types of desires and temptations exist, it is easy for people to get lost and consumed by their desires without knowing why and what causes it to happen.

Recently i read about the sad news that Super Junior leader Leeteuk’s father and grandparents passed away. The cause of deaths was that the father was depressed and he strangled the grandparents to death before he hanged himself. It is super tragic for the family and i cannot imagine the agony that Leeteuk felt. He mentioned years before that he did not have a good relationship with his dad and that he did not have a positive family environment to grow up in when he was young. His fans all know him as the best leader in the world, who is protective of his own group members and is a perfectionist as well. He himself said that he aims to be highly successful ever since from young. I am a super junior fan and i see how hard he pushes himself for the group. But i can see that the main reason why he pushes himself like this is because of him being driven by dysfunction. He grew up in an environment fraught with uncertainty. That is why he is super protective of his loved ones. He make sure he cannot fail. And it is a bad thing somehow because nobody is perfect and everybody will fail from time to time. And now with this tragedy, its a huge blow to him.

So it is crucial for people to be aware of this. So that they can be more aware of why they are more driven to do certain things and how to move on.


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