Happy New Year! šŸ™‚

The last few weeks has been an relaxing and enjoyable period for me. I feel so refreshed and happy. I hope that i will stay on like this till the next Christmas. It is a pity that Christmas only lasts for 1 day (actually it is a festive period of 12 days) Practically everybody is looking forward to it and there is a relaxing atmosphere that i really love. I wish Christmas lasts forever.

This year will be a momentum year for me. I will be graduating from poly in May. And the choices i made after that will have a great impact on my future career and life decisions. I am actually more afraid about this. Even though i got a few career paths i have in mind but i do not actually know which is the one for me. I am planning to further my studies and get a degree. I do not want to end up in a situation where i regret pursuing a chosen degree :X

With the changes coming, i will definitely meet new people and be in a new environment. I have always been awkward with first impressions either looking too cold or becoming talkative to the point where i don’t remember what i exactly spoke. I am just going to present myself for who i really am and stick to it, no more trying to be too outgoing (because i don’t have much energy to keep that up) or being too silent and get misunderstood.

Like always, every year i strive to be a better person from the year before. And i will continue with it to be stronger with each challenge i faced and to not lose hope and become too cynical with life/people. To press on to be authentic and sincere even if people take advantage of me for various reasons. I know that i will gain in the long run for i am clear on my conscience and they are losing out.

Also to start a long process of letting go of my past hurts and forgiving people myself. Sometimes i thought i have forgiven but when similar situations of the past hurts happened, i am reminded of that incident and remembered the pain that came with it.

I want to really set myself free and be more daring to try new stuff. And not forgetting of course, loving my loved ones with more actions and more encouragement. I do not want to overthink situations anymore and care about what others think of me because it is my life.


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