Last Saturday of 2013

I just turned 19 yesterday šŸ™‚

Celebrated my birthday with my friends and family. Feeling happy and thankful for it. After all life is uncertain and even the people in my life is uncertain too. I do not know when they will step out of my life and i do not want it to happen.

Last year i was really depressed but now i have become more cheerful and thankful. I just need to focus on what is there in my life and not the what ifs and the missing parts that i used to have.

This year has been a hectic year. But i guess every year i would say that too. But each year i develop new different perspectives on life and some things that used to be important are not that important at all.

Some moments of 2013 that i recalled:

  • Went for my first internship at DHL in Feb to April experiencing what it is like to be in HR (and now having doubts if i should continue pursuing haha) HR is fine but the value of helping others is not exactly there.
  • Victoria my youngest sibling was born on 23 June 2013, a gift from God
  • Experienced what it is like to schedule appointments for people in a holiday job from late August to mid Oct
  • The many happy times that i have with my friends and family. It is not the quantity of people that i need but the quality.

This year i became more aware of the people around me and am moving on away from self-pity. This year is more of a healing process for me.

I lived, i made mistakes, i learnt, i forgive and i love.

I cannot guarantee what i will be like next year but i will try to open up more and love more.

Next year i will be graduating from poly. And the steps after that is still uncertain for me. Sometimes i wish God would send me an sms or something to let me directly know on what i should do. But then I have not been having quiet time with Him lately.

Still learning and still falling in many areas, i need to learn how to be more patient with myself.


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