Meetups with friends

This week, i met up with friends for 4 consecutive days.

My family did make a fuss, but it was minor and i am able to enjoy the 4 days with my friends.

On Monday, i met up with my primary 3 friend, Shauna. I did not kept in constant contact with her after primary school. But we manage to see each other over the years as she stayed right above my grandparents house. We reminisced about the old times and kept each other updated about our current lives.

On Wednesday, i met up with my primary 1 best friend, Jacqueline. This is the friend that i constantly kept in touch with since primary school. Amazing how our friendship has went over 10 years, and i feel so old counting the years since we first knew each other. We can just literally talk about anything and i am glad that our friendship continues to stay strong despite the different phrases we face in our lives.

On Tuesday and today, i went over to one of my poly friends house to play. Played the entire afternoon away.:) I am happy to be with them and i want this friendships to stay strong even after graduation.

Friendships are really a comforting thing to have. I value friendships a great deal and to those whom i call my friends, i do make an effort to keep in contact and know them better.

In the past i used to want to have this ideal best friend who have the same interests as me, same thoughts as me and being there for me all the time. But i realize that it is not entirely possible for a person to be there for me or anybody else 100 per cent of the time. Having friends with different thinking do bring more perspectives and i am glad that i have good friends that i can share my problems with freely. 🙂


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