Daily Prompt: Mad as a Hatter

Daily Prompt: Mad as a Hatter

Tell us about a time when you flew into a rage. What is it that made you so incredibly angry?

I do not remember a particular situation where my anger hits the highest point. But i do get angry on certain situations.

Things that made me particularly angry:

1. Being accused of something without seeking to find out the truth

2. Insensitive actions without caring for the other party’s feelings

3. Betrayal of trust

4. Lying

5. When in an argument, another unrelated person joins in

6. Having to hear about somebody having problems with me from other person’s mouth and not the person himself

To me, trust and sincerity matters a great deal. Actually i would be more hurt than angry because i realize that the person who angered me do not trust or know me well enough. The weird thing about me is that when i am really angry, i cry and when i am sad, i just become moody but do not cry ( well secretly i do)

To me, communication is important as well. I like people who are frank with me. I am sensitive and i can easily tell if a particular person starts treating me differently from their usual way. Most relationships and friendships end because nobody dares to be frank and talk about the problems. To me, if the person don’t dare to tell me the truth, it shows me that this person do not trust me well enough in the first place and i will be deeply hurt. Especially so if it comes from another person’s mouth.

Yes i am sensitive but i am strong enough to take the truth. I can react badly or whatsoever but at least i know that the person is trusting me well enough to open up and this can further strengthen the relationship or friendship.

Be frank with me and i will be frank with you. Treat me with sincerity and i will give you the best of what i have.




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