Daily Prompt: Festivus for the Rest of Us

Daily Prompt: Festivus for the Rest of Us

You have been named supreme ruler of the universe. Your first order of business is creating and instituting a holiday or festival in your honor. What day of the year is your holiday?

Hmm, if i were to choose a day, i will choose my birthday to be the day of the holiday. I want everybody to be happy just as i am happy on that day too.

Type of holiday would be thanksgiving, where everybody take that day to celebrate, appreciate one another and value each other. I find this important as we humans tend to take one another for granted and so often cooped up in our daily responsibilities that there is no time for everyone to gather together.

This is my own personal wish that i want to turn into reality. Wanting to see my family becoming more bonded and loving. But now there are still many obstacles to overcome and i find myself becoming so tired because i am trying to control everything myself. Sometimes i feel so useless because when i want to do certain things, fear paralyses me.

One step at a time i guess.


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