Reading has been my favorite hobby since primary 4.

From reading books by Guid Blyton to crime fiction books by James Patterson in secondary school, I have been moving on from genre to genre. But the books that appealed to me the most are books on relationships, be it friendships or love or family.

So i am here to share some of the many books that i have read and find it personally touching.


Nineteen minutes is about a teenager boy who went on a gun rampage in his school for 19 minutes. Most people would assume based on the cover on this book that the guy must have been too stressed by the bullying that he did it. However beneath it all is about a friendship that he had with a girl since he knew since young. They were best friends when they were younger, however due to peer pressure in which the girl became the most popular in the school, she forsake the friendship as he is seen as an outcast by their school mates.

A sad fiction story that actually portrays some of the realities portrayed in schools around the world today.



The last song is one book that made me cried at the end. I didn’t watch the movie.It is about a girl who went to stay with her dad whom she is not close to for a summer vacation. And there she met the love of her life, and also realized that her dad is dying of some cancer. Eventually the dad died, and when i read that part, i just cried even though i know it is not real.

The main aim of the story i think is to treasure your loved ones and cherish every single moment spent with them.

Another book that made me cried, the dog should not have died. Romantic story that was spoilt by a scary stalker, but still romantic in the end, just without the dog šŸ˜¦


This book is so mind boggling. I wonder how the author even came up with a story like this. It is about a guy who time travels and meet his wife at different stages of his life. Romantic but confusing, i feel sorry for the wife somehow. It is like puzzles that are jumbled up.

Okay so here are some of the many books i read, wanna do other stuff now, bye!


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